How to Find a Kitten?

Answer So the new spouse/other pet/child wasn't enough, or you were lonely. Now you want a kitten! But where to find one?

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How to React If You Find a Lost Kitten or Cat?

Finding a lost cat or kitten can be a very stressful moment but with this advice it will be more easier for you . Always take the cat or kitten to the vets or animal shelter . The animal may belong... Read More »

How to Find a Good Name for a New Kitten?

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How to Pet a Kitten?

The following guidelines will help you enjoy your cat as much as he/she enjoys you!

How to Buy a Kitten?

Have you been wanting a kitten for a while, but didn't know what breed was the best for you? This article tells you all you need to know for choosing the perfect kitten!