How to Find a Job in Trinidad and Tobago?

Answer Finding a job in Trinidad and Tobago can be an easy thing and a 'not so' easy thing. Following these simple guidelines will help you find means of acquiring a job and the best means of securing it.

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How to File for a Divorce in Trinidad & Tobago?

In order to obtain a divorce in Trinidad and Tobago, there are several contingencies with which the petitioner (who must be a party to the marriage) must comply. You do not have to have been marrie... Read More »

What is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago?

Trinidad and Tobago consists of two islands that are located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The republic's capital is Port-of-Spain, a city in the northwest part of Trinida... Read More »

How do i file for a divorce in trinidad&tobago?

Filing RequirementsTo begin divorce proceedings in Trinidad & Tobago, contact Registration House in Port of Spain if have been married for at least one year. Or visit one of two satellite offices i... Read More »

Divorce & Child Custody Laws in Trinidad & Tobago?

In a world of brittle marriages, legislation has proven to be the avenue to dissolve unions. In Trinidad and Tobago, the five main grounds of divorce are adultery, abuse, abandonment, extended sepa... Read More »