How to Find a Job if You Have a Disability?

Answer If you have a disability, finding suitable work can be challenging, but there are some techniques that could help you find that job. Having a disability in the workplace often simply means being "d... Read More »

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If you receive disability from your job and recently after 3 years received social security disability can your long term disability take your back money and decrease your monthly benefit?

No.Edited to change answer to YES!If I understand you correctly, you are receiving LTD from an Insurance Policy you had through your Employer or bought yourself. Right?And you were just approved fo... Read More »

How Can I Find Out About My Disability Claim Online?

After you complete the application for your disability claim, the waiting process begins. Some applications are approved in as little as 30 days, but most will take months. The average amount of ti... Read More »

How do you find out if a person is receiving disability?

Privacy considerations would likely preclude determining this information, regardless of whether the disability payments were coming from Social Security, from a private insurer, or from the person... Read More »

How do I find out how to apply for Disability Living allowance, together with other benefits?

please go along to social security office, they will help you with all the forms