How to Find a Job & Apartment to Move to Another City?

Answer Finding a job and an apartment in another city can be very difficult from afar; however, with enough dedication, it can be done. Many consider job and apartment searching a full-time job because of... Read More »

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Does the amount of your social security disability change if you move to another city?

Most companies offer stand alone dental insurance. At BlueCross Blueshield of Florida, we offer dental insurance as little as $10.65/month for an HMO plan and $23.03/month for a PPO plan. If you ar... Read More »

Is your 9 yr old son old enough to say he wants to move to another state with you away from his dad we live in nm and want to move to pa?

Answer You bet he is! Obviously he doesn't want anything to do with his father. It is up to you as his mother to sit down with him, assure it alright to tell you how he feels about his father and t... Read More »

How to Move to a New Apartment?

Moving can be a fun and exciting adventure. But it can also be lots of work--not to mention very stressful. Here are some suggestions that might make your transition a little easier.

A new chick move into the apartment?

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