How to Find a "How To" on Wikihow?

Answer Read the article below to find out how but if you got this link from a search engine like Bing it is O.K. to read this but if you went to on the address bar then you just did (if your f... Read More »

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How to Find a User on wikiHow?

Ever wanted to find someone without searching through the forums or your talk page?

How to Find a Wikihow Article?

Finding a wikiHow article that suits your needs is very important. It can open up many new doors in life and allow you to do things that one might not be able to do before. So here is a guide to fi... Read More »

How to Find a Mentor in wikiHow?

Mentors provide one to one coaching. Here's how to find a mentor on wikiHow:

How to Find Bad Spelling on wikiHow?

Oops!Finding articles with bad spelling is extremely easy everywhere you look. wikiHow, using Google as its search engine, makes it fairly easy. Maybe you have some pet peeve misspellings. Look the... Read More »