How to Find a Headhunter?

Answer Searching for the right job is difficult and stressful, whether you are currently employed and unhappy or if you are unemployed and have unpaid bills piling up. Searching the Internet, the classifi... Read More »

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How to Use a Headhunter to Find a Job?

With the Internet being a main source of communication, research and opportunities, many people now post their resumes online. After you've posted your resume--whether to several specific companies... Read More »

What is the job of a headhunter?

Headhunters, also known as recruiters, help organizations find qualified employees and contractors. They work for corporate and governmental human resources departments or are self-employed. Attent... Read More »

How to Work with a Headhunter?

A headhunter (also known as a recruiter) can help your job search in ways you may not realize. Here are some things to ask your recruiter to help you with during your job search.

Should I Use a Recruiter or Headhunter?

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