How to Find a Girlfreind?

Answer Have you ever been jealous of all your friends getting girlfriends? Have you been too shy to ask a girl out? Or have you simply not thought any girl you know was for you? These steps are some of th... Read More »

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Do Arjun Bijlani have a girlfreind?

I am 13 i want to have sex but i am worried about getting my girlfreind pregnant?

Hey Dude,Usually I would say this to the girl in a relationship but it equally applies here If she really loves you, she will be willing to wait until you are both legal for sex.If she doesn't unde... Read More »

I scanned a picture, but i cant find it in my comp., does anyone know how to find it?

Search for it or goto scan it again and see wich file it saves into. It should prompt you on where you want to save it. If you are using a specific software try that softwares folder. Usually can b... Read More »

Where can I find the vegetarian meat alternative "Veet" I can't find it online.?

no luck here but there is product called TVP a vegetable protein granules it looks liek grounmd up chicken or meat fro tacos or whatever u the grocer flour section.. it is a meat substite... Read More »