How to Find a Double Rainbow?

Answer So intense...You've heard of them before. You know that they're out there, in all of their intense, full on, shiny glory. You know the state of utter ecstasy and joy they cause in those lucky enoug... Read More »

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What Causes a Double Rainbow Scientifically?

Rainbows are a bright spectrum of light that appears in the sky when light reflects off moisture in the air. Double rainbows are less frequent, less bright and usually sit outside the first rainbow... Read More »

How to Do a Double Rainbow in "Pocket God"?

"Pocket God" is a tongue-in-cheek god simulator for iPhone and Android OS. You take charge of a tribe of pygmies and may carry out all kinds of acts to impress, amuse and kill them. The "Double Rai... Read More »

Where can you find a operation manual for a Rainbow DC-3 vacuum cleaner?

It has to cool down or the whole fridge will get warm. Another Answer Supposedly, modern refrigerators can handle hot food without a negative impact on other food in the fridge. Personally, I would... Read More »

Where can you find a good rainbow vacuum cleaner for under 600 Dollars near Philadelphia?

Frozen bulb would explode when heated. More Info: Side by side fridges have light bulbs in freezer compartments and do not blow up. Same is true for bottom freezer units with a fridge on top. To... Read More »