How to Find a Distance From Velocity & Time?

Answer The speed of moving things comes into play in everyday life. Velocity, too, measures how fast a thing is moving, but it takes into account the direction of movement. Unlike speed, which is a scalar... Read More »

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How to Find Time When Distance & Speed Are Known?

Distance, rate (or speed), and time are related by the simple linear equation distance = rate * time. If given any two of the variables, you can solve for the missing third variable, using one step... Read More »

How to Find Speed Using Distance & Time?

The formula for distance is a good beginning lesson of variable interdependence. Each variable of the equation, distance equals rate * time, can be discovered by working with the other two, resulti... Read More »

How to Find the Equation of Time With Distance & Rate?

Finding the equation of time requires using the distance formula, one of the most frequently used relations in basic algebra. The formula is derived from the Pythagorean theorem and can be applied ... Read More »

How to Find the Distance From a Position Vs. a Time Graph?

Position vs. time graphs are an important visual aid for understanding kinematics, which is the study of the motion of objects. A position vs. time graph provides a graph which represents the posit... Read More »