How to Find a Distance From Velocity & Time?

Answer The speed of moving things comes into play in everyday life. Velocity, too, measures how fast a thing is moving, but it takes into account the direction of movement. Unlike speed, which is a scalar... Read More »

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How to Find the Distance From a Position Vs. a Time Graph?

Position vs. time graphs are an important visual aid for understanding kinematics, which is the study of the motion of objects. A position vs. time graph provides a graph which represents the posit... Read More »

How to Calculate Velocity From Force & Distance?

In physics, you perform work when you apply force to an object and move it over a distance. No work happens if the object does not move, no matter how much force you apply. When you perform work, i... Read More »

How to Find Speed Using Distance & Time?

The formula for distance is a good beginning lesson of variable interdependence. Each variable of the equation, distance equals rate * time, can be discovered by working with the other two, resulti... Read More »

How to Find Time When Distance & Speed Are Known?

Distance, rate (or speed), and time are related by the simple linear equation distance = rate * time. If given any two of the variables, you can solve for the missing third variable, using one step... Read More »