How to Find a Digital Audio Broadcasting System for Your Car?

Answer Digital audio broadcasting systems (or DABs for short) are systems used to listen to digital radio in your car. Digital radio typically consists of commercial free radio with stations sorted by typ... Read More »

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Where can I find software that will automatically transcribe digital audio files?

aaagghhhh ... software?!? I, um, don't know what to say in software.Will flashing my bewbs apply here? Let's see...

If you use a digital optical audio cable do you need to use the standard audio cord as well For surround sound?

Digital optical audio cable can carry data to decoder-enabled devices in a few formats; Dolby DTS is one of many such formats. Some of these can carry surround sound. Besides, optical is digital, ... Read More »

How do you convert a coaxial digital audio cable into the red and white analog audio cables If so, quality?

If you're using cable/satellite box, DVD player or game console you should make the connections directly from these equipment to the surround system. You may need additional A/V switches to connect... Read More »

What is better hdmi audio or digital optical audio?

HDMI and optical are both physical carriers for data. Whatever signal is put onto the cable or fiber will come out the other end and will be identical quality. The quality of the signal is entire... Read More »