How to Find a Differential Gear Ratio?

Answer You can determine the differential gear ratio of any axle yourself. Axles are equipped with different gears for several reasons. If you want to upgrade your differential with a locker, or need any ... Read More »

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How to Figure Differential Gear Ratio?

Differential gear ratio is the number of times the drive shaft turns each time a vehicle's tires make one rotation. Different ratios are ideal in different situations: lower ratios are better for o... Read More »

The Difference Between Low Gear Ratio & High Gear Ratio?

Gears are used in a number of different machines, from cars to factory equipment to pedal-powered pushbikes. They all follow the same principles, though, using one toothed wheel to move another too... Read More »

How to Find the Gear Ratio in a GMC?

Manufacturers gear their vehicles for better mileage and maximum performance. Gear ratio determines the amount of end power and speed a vehicle has. In measuring the GMC gear ratio, the higher the ... Read More »

How to Find the Gear Ratio for a Tahoe?

A car's gear ratio is what determines whether it's best equipped for high acceleration and low maximum speed or the converse. Obviously, everyday driving is going to have situations that require bo... Read More »