How to Find a Dedicated Christian Man?

Answer When looking for a potential husband it is important to find someone with whom you are compatible. One of the most important qualities a guy can have is a value system that matches your own. For Ch... Read More »

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How to Live with Dedicated Christian Parents?

Conventional wisdom has it that the two things you don't talk about with people who may disagree with you are religion and politics. Generally speaking, that might be a useful principle, but it cer... Read More »

How to Find God Beyond Christian Law?

Have you ever gone to a church seeking God and instead got the famous words: "If you want to be born again, then repent, do good, then tithe"? Even if you do complete all these churchly "tasks," do... Read More »

How to Find a Christian Job?

Job hunting in today's economy is difficult enough, but searching out a Christian job presents its own unique set of challenges. And while help locating these jobs does exist, finding the right Chr... Read More »

How to Find Christian Colleges?

Attending a Christian college can help you solidify your faith during your college years and beyond. According to Steve Henderson of Christian Consulting, Christian students who attend a non-Christ... Read More »