How to Find a Date for the Dance?

Answer When everyone is asking people out to the dance, be daring and join in! You cannot wait until the last day to ask someone, by then all of the good guys (or girls) are already taken. So, read on!

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How to Go to a Dance Without a Date?

We all know the humiliation of not having a date to go to a dance. Here's how to have lots of fun, with just your friends!

How to Get a Guy to Notice You when You Don't Have a Date for the Dance?

You don't have a date for the dance and there's about two days left to get one! Don't panic - here is an article especially for you.

How to Go to a Middle School Dance With a Date?

There will be many dances in middle school. Most schools have dances about once a month and formals two or three times a year, which means that there will be many opportunities to impress that spec... Read More »

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