How to Find a Cumulative Relative Frequency?

Answer According to, a cumulative relative frequency is a tabular presentation of ordered data, displaying the relative frequency of items equal to or less than the upper limit of each clas... Read More »

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How to Read Cumulative Frequency Charts?

A cumulative frequency chart is a visual representation of data that contain plenty of information about the sample it's made from. By reading a cumulative frequency chart, it's possible to gather ... Read More »

C++ program to find the cumulative sum of a given integer?

Your instructor is certainly asking you to prove your recursive programming capabilities, and that's good. I like this assignment. It's a nice problem, and I give you my solution below because it ... Read More »

How to Find a Relative?

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What do you do if you find out a relative is a pedophile?

if there a pedo don't let them babysit your children report them to the police and cut off any contact with them and make sure your children stay way away from the person who's a pedo! I think you ... Read More »