How to Find a Cosine on a Calculator?

Answer Using cosine on a calculator saves a lot of time compared to looking it up in a table, which people did before calculators. Cosine comes from a part of mathematics called trigonometry, which deals ... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Value of Sine,Cosine and Tangent Without a Calculator?

Annoyed with remembering the trigonometry tables? You can calculate it with just a ruler and a semi-circle ruler that shows angles.

How to Find Sine & Cosine Ratios?

The sine and cosine functions in trigonometry represent the ratio between two sides of a right triangle as it relates to a particular angle. Calculating these ratios can help you find unknown lengt... Read More »

How to Find Sine, Cosine, Tangent and Cotangent?

Sine, tangent, cotangent and cosine are all functions when dealing with right triangles. Sine, tangent and cosine are the primary functions of trigonometry. When you see these functions in trigon... Read More »

How to Find Your Way Around a TI-83/84 Calculator?

Being able to find your way around the TI-83 or TI-84 calculator quickly will help you solve math problems faster. That's because there are more than 70 keys, several different key modes, scores of... Read More »