How to Find a Color Name by RGB?

Answer RGB is a color model that specifies the intensities of red, green and blue in each specific color. These colors were chosen because humans' eyes are most sensitive to these colors. When using a gra... Read More »

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How to Find a Paint Color That Matches the Color Already on My Walls?

Any time repairs are done to your walls--such as filling in a scratch or crack, repairing a pipe leak or fixing an electrical problem--repainting the affected area is part of the process. If you li... Read More »

How to Find Out What Color Looks Best on Me?

The right colors will complement your skin tone and give you a beautiful glow. The wrong colors will create the opposite effect. Colors that clash with your skin tone can make you look washed out o... Read More »

I am looking for used color t.v. Does anyone know where to find this.?

Look in your local paper in the yard sell notices or go to thrift stores i.e. Good Will or Salvation Army.

How to Find Out the Color of Your Car?

If you're looking to touch up the paint on your car, you need to find out what type of paint it is, and the exact name of the color. Luckily, most vehicles have a sticker that features important ma... Read More »