How to Find a Cheap Motel or Hostel?

Answer Finding inexpensive accommodations may take a bit of work, but it is possible.

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Can anyone recommend a good hostel or cheap hotel in New York?

find it here:…

Where are cheap motel rooms in niles Illinois?

Does it have to be in Niles? Because Intown Suites or Value Place have chains in the suburbs (maybe not Niles) where if you rented at a weekly rate, it could be around $30 (but even that's pushing ... Read More »

Where can i find cheap nike sneakers cheap nike air jordans?

I've seen this like 4 times - still makes me chuckle though - how come the spammers never answer these????

How to Set up a Hostel?

Hostels are inexpensive hotels or inns that generally cater to budget travelers. Often located in major cities or around tourist sites, they feature basic accommodations and cheap rates. As a site ... Read More »