How to Find a Character in a String in Visual Basic?

Answer Finding a character in a string can seem like a pretty daunting task if you don't know the right tools to use. The art of maneuvering a string to find an instance of a character or a substring is ... Read More »

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How to Use the Strong String ToUpper in Visual Basic?

Microsoft has developed a powerful and robust programming language in Visual Basic. You can download the free Express version and gain most, if not all, of the power you will need to develop flexi... Read More »

How do i convert an object to string in visual basic?

The ToString methodDeclare a variable and set it to reference the object.Dim myObj As New Object()Call the ToString method on the object reference:Dim result As String = myObj.ToStringAll classes h... Read More »

How to Add Multiple Lines to a String Field in Visual Basic?

String fields are used in Visual Basic to store data that consist of text information to be printed to the screen or written to a file. For example, the following defines a string:dim s as String =... Read More »

How do I convert a date to string in Visual Basic 2005?

Convert to the Short Date FormatCreate an object of type Date and set it to the value of the date. Call the ToString method on the object to convert the date to the short date format for the locale... Read More »