How to Find a Catholic Church in Your Area?

Answer Looking for a Catholic Church near you? With just a little effort, you should easily be able to find the Catholic Church in your area.

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How to Be Married in a Catholic Church?

For Catholics, marriage is more than a civil contract between a man and a woman. It is a sacramental commitment between you, Christ and the church, much like a baptism. The marrying priest's archdi... Read More »

Rites of Communion in the Catholic Church?

The Roman Catholic Church, more commonly known as the Catholic Church, is the largest Christian church in the world. The Catholic Church traces back over 2000 years to the days of Jesus and his Apo... Read More »

Catholic Church Ushering Guideline?

The usher is part of the hospitality ministry of a Catholic church. Each Catholic church writes its own guidelines for ushers working in this ministry. Ushers must be regular members of the congreg... Read More »

How to Take Communion in the Catholic Church?

In most Christian faiths, Communion is a main part of mass. Each denomination has its own slightly different way of doing things, but this article describes how to take Communion at a Catholic church.