How to Find a Career You're Passionate About?

Answer Confused? Lost? Let alone teens, even adults are confused sometimes...So everyone needs a guide.Now let's look further......

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Why are you passionate about breastfeeding issues?

Because of my experience with my first son. I was greatly mislead by nurses in the hospital, told that I could not breastfeed with inverted nipples and that my milk would not be enough for my big b... Read More »

How many veg*ns are passionate about food?

Passionate about food?When I went vegetarian over twenty years ago, meals were centered on the meat of the day. I saw nothing wrong with it, and even claimed I could have it no other way many times... Read More »

How to Cope when Someone Disrespects a Pastime You Are Passionate About?

You have a special interest - most of us do. But some hobbies or interests are more widely participated in than others, and no more so than those that are viewed as "geek" pastimes. Sometimes we fi... Read More »

The 1941 comedy Youre in the Army Now about two vacuum cleaner salespeople set a record for the longest screen kiss when Regis Toomey planted a 3minute5second doozy on whom?

Answer Quitelikely the "weatherstripping" type material that creates a seal between the door and the fridge itself is damaged, causing moisture in the air outside your fridge to cool and collect i... Read More »