How to Find a Believable Character Name?

Answer It's perfect. You have the plot all down, the setting and time's perfect, your characters personalities are all believable. You turn your notebook to a fresh sheet and put your pencil down-- but su... Read More »

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What movie character is the most believable?

How to Create a Believable Original Character for Fanfiction?

Here's a quick little general guide to help you create a believable original character for the fandom of your choice. Most people do not like original characters, so when you do insert one into you... Read More »

Understanding this is not believable!!?

Redbox rents DVDs, blu-rays and games starting at $1.30/night. You need a credit card. Kiosks are scattered all over the place. You can check their website ( to find one near you and ... Read More »

How to Create Believable Characters?

Creating characters that your readers can really relate to is the key to writing great stories. Try these ideas to help you create characters.