How to Find a 401(k) Account?

Answer If you change jobs or move without a forwarding address, the 401k plan provider for your prior employer may have difficulty finding you. Furthermore, once you have set up a 401k account, it can be ... Read More »

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Can I Move My 401k From My Company to My IRA Account?

Moving a 401k to your individual retirement account is possible and could allow you to take advantage of some benefits that come with an IRA. The process of moving your money into an IRA is referre... Read More »

Can I contribute to my 401k& my IRA account in the same year?

You can contribute money to your 401k plan and your IRA in the same year. However, if you are able to contribute to a 401k plan, your contributions to a traditional IRA plan may not be tax-deductib... Read More »

Should I Borrow From My 401K Account?

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Should I Rollover a 401k Balance to an Existing or a New Account?

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