How to Find a 122 Degree Angle?

Answer Accurately finding angles is an important skill and getting it wrong can be both expensive and dangerous. The NASA Mars Climate Orbiter blew itself apart after entering orbit around Mars at too ste... Read More »

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How does height affect angle ie a 90 degree roof angle at a 20 degree pitch with a building That projects 10 degrees what angle does the building meet the roof?

How to Find the Length of the Angle Bisector With 2 Sides and One Angle?

figureThis has been by K.Jayaganesh all alone.This is the Jayaganesh Theorem.This can be used to find the length of the angle bisector by the 2 sides not intersected by the angle and the angle invo... Read More »

How to Calculate the Degree of an Angle?

When studying geometry, students learn the importance and parts of an angle. Found in every physical object, an angle is defined by two lines that share a common endpoint, or vertex. The opening be... Read More »

How to Construct a 70 Degree Angle?

In classical geometry, the only permitted tools for constructing figures were a compass and an unmarked straightedge. With this, it was possible to perform a variety of operations, such as building... Read More »