How to Find Your Tent in the Dark?

Answer All camps look the same at night, and it's easy to get lost in the music festival 'tent city' after sundown. So how can you find your own tent in the dark, amongst thousands of others? These top ti... Read More »

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Who lived in a dark dark cellar of a dark dark house?

How to Find and Evaluate a Dark Sky Site?

The astronomer's worst enemy is stray light. Light pollution from improperly installed security lighting drowns out starlight, leaving little detail visible to the astronomer. Aside from a blackout... Read More »

Where can I find some glow in the dark nail polish?

CVS, Walgreens, Urban Outfitters... and potentially Claire's.

Where can I find some good glow in the dark nail polish!?

Make sure you get Sally Hansen brand. Glow polish can be a bit dodge like it chips, doesn't glow, takes like 8 coats to get any colour, Sally Hansen is a great brand though so i would go with them,... Read More »