How to Find Your RSS Feed Settings on a WordPress Blog?

Answer In addition to providing users with a PHP directory template for hosting their own blog, WordPress also offers a user friendly interface for maintaining a blog hosted by the site's network. Standar... Read More »

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How to Create an RSS Feed for a WordPress Blog?

RSS feeds keep your readers updated with your latest blog posts. While WordPress doesn't allow you to create an RSS feed in the administrative dashboard, adding an RSS feed to a WordPress blog is s... Read More »

How to Have an RSS Feed for My Blog Posts in WordPress?

The Wordpress blogging platform includes several different types of RSS feeds generated automatically by the site's post content. These feeds are Atom, RSS 2.0, RSS .92 and RSS 1.0, which are widel... Read More »

When you have a blog on and your privacy settings are on public, who can see your blog?

Most likely everyone and anyone who visits your blog. Hence the setting public. Hope this helps. Good luck. and if you don t want that, try changing your settings.

How to buy a wordpress blog?

Yes, you may just start a new blog with a host. But if your blog is bring many traffic. You may keep it. I think theres a option that you can just regrister your own domain to use with your blog.