How to Find Your Nerf Role?

Answer In a Nerf wars, certain roles have to be filled. Basic ones like commander, sniper and bomber all the way up to scorpion assassin, shade sniper and ammo thief and assassin sniper are all required. ... Read More »

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How to Know What Nerf Weapons Should Be in a Role?

DO you ever want to host a nerf war with your friends, using roles? But then everyone laughs at you when Stampede is in the sniper class? Here's how to realize what weapons are appropriate in what ... Read More »

How to Choose a Nerf Gun for Your Role?

If you can't decide what Nerf gun you need for your role in a Nerf war, read this article to give you a clue.

How to Make a Fake Nerf M203 for the Nerf Recon Cs 6?

The M203 is a rifle mounted grenade launcher used in the various military branches as well as the special forces. This article will make your Recon look cool and realistic.

How to Find a Dragon Egg (Role Playing)?

Dragons. They are an amazing species. They can live to over 1,200 years old. Even an old dragon is active. Only when they reach 1,200 years old do there brains stop developing. This race must live ... Read More »