How to Find Your Inner Goddess?

Answer Every woman has an inner Goddess. Not every woman realizes it though. Follow these steps and guide your way to beauty, happiness and naturally let yourself glow not only on the outside, but also fr... Read More »

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How to Find a Patron God or Goddess if You're Pagan or Wiccan?

Do you feel drawn towards the pagan path, but feel overwhelmed by the dozens of traditions and thousands of gods? First of all, don't panic! Grab a comfy chair, and let's talk.

How to Become a Goddess?

Everyone has at least heard or read a story with a goddess in it. Goddesses are, of course, immortal, and, quite frankly, becoming immortal is impossible. But, we can all still live and act like a ... Read More »

What is a goddess?

Halle Berry. Beyonce.Scarlett Johansson.Uma Thurman.Anna Kournikova.Jennie Finch.Salma Hayek.Aishwarya Rai.Ziyi Zhang.

How to Be a Love Goddess?

Have you ever wanted to be considered a love goddess? A damsel in distress? A femme fatale? A vixen? A vamp? Or just a woman who simply always gets whoever she wants? Well, with a bit of beauty, lu... Read More »