How to Find Your Friends On Facebook?

Answer When you join Facebook, you will be presented with multiple options for finding your friends. You can find your friends by entering their names or email addresses into Facebook's search field, or y... Read More »

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How come there's no "Find Friends" tab on my facebook?

if you missing find friends tab then go here

How do friends find you on Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking site designed to connect people. It is a way for old friends and classmates to reconnect, and for people to stay connected to each other by sharing photos, links to ... Read More »

I can't find "photos" of my friends on the new facebook Help please?

is it a new account? maybe it takes time for it to show up, who knows, i just got on there myself, hook me up Crystal.....…

Does anyone know how to find the average age of Facebook friends?

Write/get somebody to write a bot that crawls ages on your friend's pages. There may already be one in existance.