How to Find Your Friend's Diary?

Answer Have you ever wanted to read your friend's diary, feeling snoopy or want to find a certain secret about them that they won't tell you? For whatever reason it is that you must read this secret book ... Read More »

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How to Find Out if People Have Read Your Diary?

Diary where you put your thoughtsGenerally after writing into your diary, you hide it in your special 'hiding spot', where no one can read it. After all, a diary is your private book, a place where... Read More »

Where is the diary in Wireless quest game when the combination is 273 and Jacksons hint is even the graetest GEOMETRY expert couldn't find it?

IT IS IN THE MATH ROOM UNDER THE GEOMOTRY the geomotry kit and ur diary is underneath it.

Which episode of kappa mikey does mikey read mitsukis diary and find out she has a crush on him?

Wooton is neither a mental retard of gay. The reason he acts childlike is because as a child he was not encouraged to have fun.

How to Find Out Who Your Best Friends Are?

Have you ever been betrayed by your best friend? Do you think your best friend is a real friend or a fake? Here are some ways you can tell.