How to Find Your Fiction Writing Style?

Answer An author's style defines their writing; it is what separates good books from bad books. Finding one's own style can sometimes be a challenge, but tracking down your elusive muse and writing in you... Read More »

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How to Improve Your Writing Style?

The Elements of StyleNo matter what you write, your style is important; Poetry, copy, stories, articles, journals...etc. There are things that you can do to improve your style, so that people actua... Read More »

How to Adapt Your Style of Writing?

Blogging TipsEveryone who writes has a style of writing that they are 'better' at. It could be your type of writing...fiction, fantasy, children's stories. Or maybe you write articles for wikiHow, ... Read More »

Non-Fiction Writing Tools?

Writing non-fiction can be daunting for any writer because, unlike when writing fiction, you can't just make things up. For interesting and readable non-fiction, the writer must use tools of a fict... Read More »

Non-Fiction Writing Lessons?

Learning how to write non-fiction can be difficult. Non-fiction is factual writing that does not use invented plot lines or make-believe situations to convey a message. The types of non-fiction wri... Read More »