How to Find Work While Dealing With a Long Term Medical Condition?

Answer While dealing with a long term medical illness is difficult enough, for most there is still the need to provide for oneself and/or one's family, as well as being able to still enjoy a modicum of li... Read More »

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What are some long term and short term effects while having the chicken pox for an infant?

It is better to take the child to the hospital. A temperature of 102 should not be taken lightly.

How many times people scroll down and reads the term and condition while downloading stuff from internet?

I have learnt my lesson from past mistakes from installing things without reading it properly, have had a virus a couple of times on the computer. I dont download things now unless i know they are ... Read More »

How long must an employer supply medical insurance to an employee on long term disability?

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Can Michigan employer drop your medical insurance while on short term disability?

Yes, unless you pay/reimburse the employer for the insurance premium out of your own pocket.