How to Find What Switch Port a Server Is Connected To?

Answer A switch is a device on a network that handles all traffic and designates where data is supposed to go. This is accomplished by the switch "looking into" the data packet and reading who is supposed... Read More »

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How to Find the Proxy Server Port Number in Windows XP?

A proxy server helps keep the information on your internal network safe while you browse the Internet. To set up a proxy server, you need the IP address of the server and also the port number. If y... Read More »

What Is a VNC Server Port?

A VNC server is used to remotely control computers over the Internet. Ports are designated by the Internet Protocol Suite for monitoring incoming connections, and VNC applications listen for incomi... Read More »

What is it called when a computer is connected to a server?

When a computer is connected to a server, such as a Web server, this is known as client server architecture. One program running on the local computer, or client, makes a request for a service and ... Read More »

What additional element does a wireless modem connected to a pc via a USB port required to operate effectively?

Quite obviously a good antenna.Edit: Apparently, some people fail at reading comprehension! The question clearly asks what ADDITIONAL element is needed. Considering the primary device needed would ... Read More »