How to Find What Switch Port a Server Is Connected To?

Answer A switch is a device on a network that handles all traffic and designates where data is supposed to go. This is accomplished by the switch "looking into" the data packet and reading who is supposed... Read More »

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How to Find the Proxy Server Port Number in Windows XP?

A proxy server helps keep the information on your internal network safe while you browse the Internet. To set up a proxy server, you need the IP address of the server and also the port number. If y... Read More »

Does a router's WAN port have to be connected to a computer?

No, you should not connect a computer to a router's WAN port in a typical home network. In most situations, your ISP will provide an external Internet connection that you should connect to the rout... Read More »

Cheating a server to think a fan is connected?

Fanz Connector is on The Mother BoardThe Connector Looks Like Processor Fanz Connector. So Find The Same Connectors and Remove that fan from board.i prefer u dont remove that fan because pictures s... Read More »

If i leave external usb port connected to the PC while i'm not using it .. would it still consume power?

Nah, let's say the external hub is sucking up 10 watts, a very conservative number as it's probably a lot less. Let's say you pay 10 cents a kwh so that would mean you're paying .001 cents every ho... Read More »