How to Find Webkinz when You're Not from America?

Answer Have you just been to the U.S and now, you're in love with webkinz? Maybe one of your friends has just been on holiday, and they brought one back? Then here's how to find one of these cuddly pets!

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How to Find a New or Rare Webkinz?

If you are dying to get that new or rare Webkinz here are some tips! This also works for other collectibles.

How to Find Gems on Webkinz?

Webkinz is a super fun game, there's so much to do, like mining for Gems! Here's how.

Where Can I Find the Pink Dragon in Webkinz?

Webkinz, by Ganz, are plush characters that children can bring to life online. These plush animals have gained collectible status, and some are hard to find. One of the Webkinz that collectors want... Read More »

How to Find Real Life Webkinz Clothes?

Ever want to dress up your plush Webkinz?! Well now you can! If you have some old American Doll Clothes, or Barbie Clothes, etc and some scissors, lets get to work!