How to Find Water in the Wilderness?

Answer You don't need to be a professional at nature survival or water. You just need to know a few basic things. Here we go!

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How to Disinfect Drinking Water in the Wilderness?

Usually if you're in this situation you're either on a backpacking trip, or lost. This will tell you what to do in either situation.

Is it safe to drink water in the Alaskan wilderness?

According to Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources which manages the state’s only wilderness park, water may be consumed from streams and springs, but should be boiled or chemically treated ... Read More »

How to Spy in the Wilderness?

Have you ever gone camping and discovered the thrill and excitement of creeping through the trees and lying in the grass, moving around while avoiding detection from other campers, or following som... Read More »

How to Heat a Bed in the Wilderness?

If you find yourself either surviving in the wilderness or are camping, you can easily make a hot bed for yourself.