How to Find Water in an Emergency?

Answer Having a steady supply of drinkable water is something that many of us take for granted. However, if an emergency or natural disaster should contaminate your water supply, you could find yourself i... Read More »

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How to Get Emergency Drinking Water from a Water Heater?

A 30 gallon electric water heater.A typical home water heater can provide between 30 and 60 or more gallons of clean drinking water during a disaster. Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and other pow... Read More »

How to Purify Water During an Emergency?

When drinking water is unavailable, it's an inconvenience for a day or 2, but it becomes a health emergency when water is not available for several days or even longer. It's always a good idea to k... Read More »

About Emergency Food & Water Supplies?

Food and water are basic necessities for survival and must be included in any preparations you make to survive a natural or man-made disaster. Collecting and storing food and water properly is a si... Read More »

How Do I Treat Water for Emergency Storage?

Water is a necessity for life and is often one of the first things to be lost during a flood, earthquake or other disaster. Homeland Security recommends storing at least three days worth of water f... Read More »