How to Find Volume With Calculus?

Answer When Isaac Newton was trying to determine the paths of the planets and the forces that act upon them he realized the mathematics he needed to describe them did not yet exist. So he invented calculu... Read More »

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How to Calculate Volume of an Egg With Calculus?

Understanding the concepts behind calculus can be difficult but rewarding, because calculus has many applications inside and outside the classroom. Solving problems with calculus requires a high de... Read More »

How to Find a Limiting Reactant With Only Volume?

In a chemical reaction, there is a limiting reactant and an excess reactant. The limiting reactant produces the smaller amount of product, whereas the excess reactant produces a larger amount of pr... Read More »

How to Find the Volume of a Rectangular Prism With a Calculator?

A rectangular prism is a three-dimensional shape that has six rectangular faces. The volume of a rectangular prism measures the space contained within this shape. You can express volume in cubic un... Read More »

How to Find Specific Gravity With Mass & Volume?

Specific gravity, according to Webster's New World College Dictionary, "is the ratio of the weight or mass of a given volume of a substance to that of an equal volume of another substance." It is a... Read More »