How to Find Vinyl Records on the Net?

Answer Many of us are still holding on to those old vinyl records long after CDs have supposedly taken over the market. As evidence, turntables have not gone the way of the Dodo and can still be found in ... Read More »

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How do I clean old vinyl records?

PreparationRemove the record from the dust cover. Set the dust cover aside, away from the record to protect it from liquids. Place the record on a turntable.CleaningMake a small puddle of record cl... Read More »

How to Protect Vinyl Records?

Record collectors know the importance of protecting and maintaining their vinyl LPs. While vinyl offers several advantages over other listening media, it carries a few disadvantages as well - the m... Read More »

Vinyl Records Facts?

Initially rejected by consumers during the 1930s, vinyl records have enjoyed a lengthy lifespan, once the market finally embraced them. Even the advent of compact disc technology during the 1980s f... Read More »

How to Paint on Vinyl Records?

Vinyl can initially seem hard to paint, but that is often because we treat vinyl like a wall. Acrylic paint cannot stick to plastics like vinyl unless they are appropriately primed with a primer t... Read More »