How to Find Unusual Girl Names for Normal Girls?

Answer Today, it is very common to choose a name that no one has heard of or one that is not used often. Many parents choose to give their girls names that were once considered boys names.

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What would you name 5 Girls using my Favorite girl names?

Gorgeous names!!~ Grace Charlotte~ Lucille Elisabeth (on my list)

What would you name 10 children with these unusual names?

1. ♂ Finch Elysium2. ♀ Tansy Fable3. ♀ Jane Moxie4. ♂ Texas Red5. ♂ Cassatt Moss6. ♀ Nona Sprite7. ♂ Cygnus Eldridge8. ♀ Hero Noon9. ♂ Biff Gatsby10. ♂ Maverick FletcherFinch, T... Read More »

Names of 5 unusual plants?

Where's the unusual names page?…Scroll down to the 'Names' section.