How to Find Triangles With Equal Areas?

Answer In mathematics, a triangle is defined as a polygon with three sides and the sum of its three angles equaling 180 degrees. There are many types of triangles including acute, obtuse, right and equila... Read More »

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How to Find Areas of Rectangles & Triangles?

A two-dimensional geometrical figure, such as a rectangle or a triangle, will always have area. Area is the two-dimensional space within a figure. Rectangles are four-sided geometric figures with a... Read More »

How to Find X in Right Triangles?

In trigonometry, right angles are triangles with one of its angles equal to 90 degrees. This is the largest angle, and it is opposite to the longest side in the triangle. Furthermore, the sum of th... Read More »

How to Find the Leg Size of Triangles?

Triangles are geometric figures that have three sides and three angles. All of the interior angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees. Triangles that have an interior angle equal to exactly 90 deg... Read More »

How to Find the Number of Triangles?

In a common logic game, you will have a triangle composed of a variety of smaller triangles, and have to determine how many triangles there are in total of any size. Alternatively, you may have to ... Read More »