How to Find Touch Up Paint for My Car?

Answer Even the most careful driver isn't immune from the everyday dings and scratches that can mar your car's paint job. Shopping carts, other cars pulling in and out of the parking space next to you or ... Read More »

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How do I Find Mercedes Benz Touch-Up Paint by VIN Number?

The VIN, or vehicle identification number, is your automobile's "fingerprint." It's a coded alphanumeric string that has information about what type of vehicle it is, where and when it was manufact... Read More »

How to Use a Touch-Up Paint Pen?

As you walk out to your car--your arms full of groceries--you can see the fresh scratch on your car door from 10 feet away. The culprit is long gone, but you don't have to take your car to the deal... Read More »

How to Touch up Paint?

Grime or marks on the wall attract the eye and make the painted surface look dirty. On some high-gloss walls, you can wipe away most marks and dirt, but, even on these surfaces, sometimes all that ... Read More »

How to Use Touch-up Paint on a Car?

Touch-up paint does more for your car than hide scratches or chips in the paint. Touch-up paint also protects your car's surface from the elements and prevents rust from forming. Rust can form on e... Read More »