How to Find Toothpaste That Doesn't Burn?

Answer If strong mint-flavored toothpaste is a problem for you, there are other kinds available.

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How to Find Toothpaste That Doesn't Hurt your Mouth?

If you're like a lot of people and you can't handle normal toothpaste, like the kind that has a lot of mint in it, here is an article on how to find a tooth paste that won't hurt your mouth.

Toothpaste on a burn?

Don't use it on normal burns. Especially second and third degree burns. Mint oils can harm the tender skin. What the toothpaste remedy is probably referring to are 'nettle burns' which you get when... Read More »

How does putting toothpaste on a burn help it heal?

To jbrizzle: bases cancel out acids. So if you burn yourself with an acid a base will cancel it. But if it's a heat burn, not a chemical burn, you don't want a base; strong bases can cause burns ju... Read More »

How can i burn movies if my computer doesnt have a dvd drive?

Just put in a cd and hope really hard that it'll work!You obviously can't. Think they have dvd drive attachments that you can buy and connect to your current computer (through a usb port?). Other t... Read More »