How to Find Time to Use wikiHow if You're a Busy Student?

Answer There comes a time that a student may be using wikiHow at a very young age. School can take away time that you could use on wikiHow. Here are some tips.

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Can a federal student loan be used to pay for childcare for a full-time student's dependent children?

Generally, no. Federal student aid can only be used for expenses that are directly related to your cost of education. I completely understand that childcare allows you to attend school, but that sa... Read More »

When does dependent medical coverage restart if a student drops out of school for a year goes on COBRA and then re-enrolls as a full time student?

Answer It starts as soon as he's enrolled. May start sooner, like over summer vacation. Call your Insurance Company or agent and ask for the forms to show full time status and let them know. For... Read More »

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