How to Find Time in Seconds Knowing Distance & Speed?

Answer Time, distance and speed have a tight relationship. The formula for distance is speed, or rate, multiplied by the total time of travel. By rearranging the factors in the equation, you can find time... Read More »

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How to Find Speed Using Distance & Time?

The formula for distance is a good beginning lesson of variable interdependence. Each variable of the equation, distance equals rate * time, can be discovered by working with the other two, resulti... Read More »

How to Find Time When Distance & Speed Are Known?

Distance, rate (or speed), and time are related by the simple linear equation distance = rate * time. If given any two of the variables, you can solve for the missing third variable, using one step... Read More »

How to Find the Average Speed If You Do Not Know the Distance Nor Time?

Finding average speed is a basic aspect of physics. It is defined as the mean speed that an object travels over a set period of time. More simply, the equation for average speed is distance/time = ... Read More »

How to Calculate Speed With Distance & Time?

Speed is a derived unit that represents how fast an object is traveling. In the imperial system of measurement, speed is commonly measured in miles per hour or feet per second. To calculate speed, ... Read More »