How to Find Suitable Places to Take Motion Blur Shots?

Answer Motion blur shots can make for amazing photography if you know where to take shots that will turn out well. This article will help you to find places suitable for getting great motion blur photos, ... Read More »

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Motion blur on NordMende tv?

It is due to the tv you have has a slow refresh rate of 60HZ. All LCD or LED tv will have blur motion when watching fast action sports or playing video games. To reduce the blur motion you need the... Read More »

How to create motion blur on Nikon D5100?

You'll definitely need a tripod and for exposures longer than 30 seconds a remote release like the Nikon ML-L3. For exposures of 30 seconds or less you can use the camera's self-timer.You also nee... Read More »

After Effects of Camera Motion Blur?

Camera motion blur occurs when a camera's shutter speed setting is too slow to compensate for the motion of the person holding the camera. While the severity of the blur depends on the lens, it bec... Read More »

If you wanted to Blur motion which shutter speed would you select?

Depends on the speed of the subject, it's distance from the camera and it's travel relative to the camera position if it is in motion. Objects coming straight to or going from the camera appear to ... Read More »