How to Find Spelling Help for a 5th Grader?

Answer Spelling is an important skill set for students to have because it is a skill they will need for their entire lives. When a student needs help with spelling, there are several avenues you can explo... Read More »

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How to Help a Second Grader Study for a Spelling Bee?

Participation in spelling bees---where children compete by spelling words verbally---helps youngsters increase their vocabularies. Yet spelling bees do more than teach children how to spell words. ... Read More »

How to Help My Second Grader Learn Her Spelling Words?

Learning to spell requires knowledge of sound-letter correspondence, as well as a basic understanding of the English language. Because the ability to spell relies heavily on the ability to read and... Read More »

How to Help an Eighth-Grader With Spelling & Reading Difficulities?

Eighth grade students are bombarded with a variety of new ideas and concepts, many of which can be difficult to understand. If an eighth-grader begins to struggle with reading or spelling, he may b... Read More »

How to Find Bad Spelling on wikiHow?

Oops!Finding articles with bad spelling is extremely easy everywhere you look. wikiHow, using Google as its search engine, makes it fairly easy. Maybe you have some pet peeve misspellings. Look the... Read More »