How to Find Someone to Sit With in the Cafeteria?

Answer It's the first day of school, and it's lunchtime. What do you do? Do you sit by yourself? Or do you muster up the courage to go find someone to sit with? This article will show you how to do just t... Read More »

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How to Know when to Eat in the Cafeteria?

On some days, cafeteria food may sound awesome or it may sound disgusting. In other situations, you may or may not have the money to purchase food from the cafeteria. Or, maybe you would want to ex... Read More »

Cafeteria Grants?

School cafeterias are where students fuel up to learn. Yet these same cafeterias often need assistance as well. Grants are awarded by federal and state programs to help school cafeterias improve th... Read More »

How to Run a School Cafeteria?

A school cafeteria, alive with the clack of trays, din of conversation and busy atmosphere, exudes the appearance of controlled chaos. However, behind the scenes, the cafeteria is a tightly run shi... Read More »

Job Description for a Cafeteria Worker?

Cafeteria workers prepare and serve food in a cafeteria setting. Most cafeteria workers are part-time servers, while others work a full-time schedule in elementary and secondary school settings or ... Read More »