How to Find Some Small Change?

Answer Are you a student strapped for cash? Do you need a few extra bucks a month to save up for an item you want or to balance your budget? If so, read on.

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What is a rash in the shape of circles some small and some bigger on the inside of the thigh and how do you treat it?

%DETAILS%AnswerIn a majority of cases, rashes in the shape of circles of varying size are symptoms of ringworm. These circles are typically a light to dark pink, occasionally a darker red. A good t... Read More »

What are some type of small mud looking particles in one spot on your ceiling in an eating area if you recently completed some construction and this is an interior wall?

Answer Just a guess here but if it's anywhere near the stove it's probably grease from hamburgers or bacon. Try washing them off and see if they reappear later. If they are mud tubes, you may have ... Read More »

What is the name of this sifi series it is about a girl a small robot and some guy on board a living ship they also have some type of android or robot it was on late at night on si-fi around late 90s?

Hey , i am a fat guy i noticed under my skin in some area's of my body under my skin some small ball's?

I just can't say the smart a s s reply that I want to here about small balls.Okay, most likely if they are movable, they are not lymph nodes. Best bet, go and see your Dr. It will give you peace o... Read More »