How to Find Snakes and Catch Them?

Answer Snakes can be dangerous and destructive. Sometimes the only way to deal with it is to find them and catch them. Here is how to find snakes, and catch them.Do not try this is you're a kid!

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Water Snakes That Have Red on Them?

Some people are afraid of snakes that they see swimming on the surface of the water thinking the snake has to be poisonous. Not every aquatic snake is venomous like the cottonmouth or water moccasi... Read More »

I have a Philips PH-BIG3 universal remote. I lost the manual for it and I'm trying to find the tv codes for it. Does anybody know where I can find them or can they send me a link to them. Thanks.?

These remotes can be found @ Walmart or Superstore for 8 dollars, a little more than what it costs 2 replace the batteries! Answer You can contact the Philips Customer Care Center at 1-888-PHILIPS... Read More »

What can you do about little swimming bugs that dart away when you try to scoop them up and when you catch them they jump around and try to get back in?

Answer I have had this same problem about 6 years out of the 18 I have had this pool. If the bugs are little guys that look like a simple, long, black bug, with 1 wing or fin on each side. Every ti... Read More »

How to Take Notes and Find Them when You Need Them?

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