How to Find Small Business Investors?

Answer Finding funding for your small business can be a bit more than challenging, especially in rough economic times or if your business venture is nontraditional. However, there are many individuals who... Read More »

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How to Find Investors for a Small Business?

Whether you’re expanding your small business or are looking into creating a start-up, you may need investors to help fund your endeavor. Though a small business loan is a good starting point, see... Read More »

How to Locate Investors for Small Business?

When you're starting a small business, one of the most important things to have is capital. You need capital to pay employees, purchase equipment and pay the bills. With a start-up, there is a good... Read More »

How do I look for investors to invest in a small startup business?

Determine the Amount You NeedYou must determine how much money you need to raise. If you are raising funds for an existing business, you may already have a budget you can use. If you are starting a... Read More »

How to Find Investors for Small Businesses?

Finding investors for a small business can be one of the toughest jobs of an entrepreneur. Plenty of people have the funds to invest in your business, but few have the combination of understanding... Read More »