How to Find Sites That Link to Your Homepage?

Answer The beauty of the World Wide Web derives from the ability to link different resources such as other web pages to a single page, enabling users to hop around the Internet following these connections... Read More »

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How do I set Google to my homepage There is not link on main page?

If you use Internet Explorer, then there should be some icons in the top right corner. One of them says "Tools". Click it, and select "Internet Options".Then you click the "general" tab, and there ... Read More »

How to find all the places that link to a page on a Wikia?

Are there any sites that can help me find ways to teach a 5 year old the alphabet?

I use the American Sign Language Sign for each letter and say a little sentence where every word starts with the letter. Since I have the Frog Street Press alphabet boards, my sentences include th... Read More »

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